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Accommodation rules in hostel “Puzzle” :
  1. The hostel is intended for temporary accommodation for the period agreed with the Hotel’s administration. The maximum possible duration of stay is six months. After the agreed period a guest should leave the room. If you want to prolong your stay, you should inform the Hotel’s administrator no later than 2 hours before check-out time. Prolongation in the same room is possible only if there is no confirmed reservation for the room required by third parties.
  2. Hostel «Puzzle» works 24 hours daily.
  3. Check-out time is during checking into the hostel.
  4. Subject to availability the Hostel’s administration can give the guest a right for late check-out, with payment:
       •  On departure no later than six hours – hourly pay
       •  From 6 to 12 hours – 50% of the room rate
       •  Over 12 hours – 100% of the room rate
  5. The first day should be payed in full. The cost of the next days is calculated according to the check-out.
  6. Payment for accommodation is made by fixed (contractual) prices, according to the hotel price list approved and signed by Management.
  7. At the guest’s request the room may be accommodated to him entirely upon condition that he will pay 50% of the cost of empty beds in the room, if:
       •  He will not use the beddings from the empty beds (if he use – 100% payment);
       •  If there are not any other reservations at this period, during the check-in.
  8. Checking in at the hotel for citizens of the Russian Federation is arranged upon presentation of passport. Registration of minor children who have not reached the age of 14 is arranged according to:
       •  a document of identification of his parents(adoptive parents, foster parents) or a near relatives, accompanying person
       •  credentials of the accompanying person
       •  and the minors birth certificates
    Checking of foreign citizens is arranged according to following documents: passport, visa, migration card.
  9. During checking into the hostel the guest fills out the registration card what confirms credibility of the information about him and acceptance of the hostel accommodation rules.
  10. When approved by the guest with the hostel accommodation rules and registration of his/her accommodation, the accommodation service contract is considered to be formalized.
  11. pon late arrival of the guest, 100% of the room rate fine shall be charged for one day (24 hours).
  12. If the guest will be late for more than one day the Hostel’s administration has the right to cancel the reservation. In this case the accommodation of the guests in the hostel is made on a first come according to the rooms availability.
  13. The Hostel’s administration reserves the right, subject to availability to conclude contracts for booking with other people regardless of sex and age.
  14. Children under 5 y.o. sharing parents' room without an extra bed will not be charged.
  15. By request of a guest and with the consent of the administration, the presence of unauthorized persons in the room is allowed from 08:00 A.M. till 22:00 P.M.; to do this, the visitor must provide the administrator with his/her identity card and get a guest card.
  16. In the case of a visitor’s delay after 22:00 P.M. or if a registered guest comes in the Hotel with an unauthorized person at night (from 22:00 P.M. till 08:00 A.M.) this person will be registered as sharing a room with the guest and charged according to the Hotel price list.
  17. In the hostel is daily performed cleaning of following placings: kitchen, corridors, WC. Rooms cleaning, bed linen and towels change are carried out every five days. Toiletries (soap, shampoo, shower gel, toilet paper)are changed by consumption.
  18. The following free services are available to the guests:
   •   First aid kit
   •   Sewing 
   •   Call of taxi 
   •   Delivery of the correspondence to the room
   •   Wake-up call
   •   Use of washing machine, iron and ironing board
   •  Wireless Wi-Fi internet
   •   TV

19. The Hostel’s administration is not responsible for the work of urban services (emergency power cutoff, emergency supply cutoff). 
20. The guest must:

   •  Follow the hostel “Puzzle” Accommodation Rules
   •  keep cleanliness and public order in the room and in the Hotel
   •   strictly follow the Fire Safety rules
   •  turn off the main light after 23:00
   •   keep quiet in the hostel between 22:00 and 08:00
   •   compensate for any loss or damage of the Hotel property. Damage assessment will be based on the Hotel price list for property damage
   •   return the linens to the hostel’s administration at his departure
   •   maintain cleanness in the kitchen, wash their dishes

21. The guests are prohibited:
   •   To leave unauthorized persons in the room, and give them a room key
   •   To keep bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances or mercury
   •   To Rearrange the furniture in the rooms and public areas
   •  To eat in the rooms
   •   To keep the animals and birds (if pets are allowed- it should be pointed out)
   •   To drink alcoholic and low alcoholic drinks at the hostel, be in an alcoholic or narcotic intoxication
   •   disturb the guests in the adjacent rooms
   •  smoking in the rooms, as well as in the halls and corridors of the hotels, according to the Federal Law № 15 – FZ “On protection of citizens'health from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption”
22. For smoking in non-places the guest will be fined in the amount of 1000 roubles. Or the guest can be evicted from the hostel without a refund, including the next days.
23. The Hotel's Administration reserves the right to enter the room without agreement with the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and also in case of violation of the Hotel Accommodation Rules, public order, the order of household appliances' use.
24. The Hotel's Administration is not responsible for: 
   •   loss of guests' valuables left in the room, if the Hotel Accommodation Rules are not followed
   •  loss of valuables and documents left outside the room
25. There are special lockers in the rooms and the entry for storage of your belongings.
26. At the request of the guest storage of valuables and documents is provided by the hospitality service and the hostel safe deposit. The Hostel’s administration is not responsible for the safety of valuables if they were not given for keeping to the him (Hostel’s administration). The Hostel’s administration can reject the guests request of keeping his money and valuables, if it is impossible to confirm their authenticity.
27. In case of forgotten things, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners. If the owner is not found, the administration declares the lost property to the police or local authority. Storage of forgotten things is six months form the date of their finding out. Keeping of perishables is till their shelf life expiration. Storage of throwaway is one month. If after expiration of storage of the things the owner is not found, the Hostel’s administration can dispose of found things on his own except documents.  If the owner is not found, the administration declares the lost property to the police or local authority.
28. There are video surveillance cameras in the hostel in order to ensure the safety of guests in common areas: foyer, kitchen, corridors.
29. The Hotel's Administration reserves the right to enter the room without agreement with the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and also in case of violation of the Hotel Accommodation Rules, public order, the order of household appliances' use.
30. The Hotel has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally or refuse to prolong the guest's stay in case of violation of the Hotel Accommodation Rules, delayed payment, any loss or damage of the Hotel property.
31. If a guest is absent at the place of his/her stay for more than a day (or within 6 hours after his/her check-out time), the hotel has the right to create a Commission and make an inventory of the room property. The Administration takes responsipility of any founded property including tangible assets (cash, precious metals, valuable documents).
32. The Book of Complaints and Feedback is at the Reception.
33. In case of the guests' complaints the Administration takes all possible measures for the settlement of the conflict according with the legislation.
34. In cases not covered by these rules the Administration and the Customer follow the existing legislation of the Russian Federation.
Accommodation Rules in Hostel «Puzzle» are developed on the basis of the Law of the Russian Federation «Consumer Protection Act» and «Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation», approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree № 490 from 25 April 1997 (in edition from 02.10.1999 . №1104, from 15.09.2000 г. №693, from 01.05.2005 г. №49, from 06.10.2011 г. №824, от 13.03.2013 №206).  

We wish you to have a good rest and a pleasant stay in our Hostel!


Томск, Пушкина, 61/1

10 номеров/34 места по цене от 350 руб
(3822) 78-92-05 (3822) 30-91-61
Круглосуточно 7 дней в неделю.